Where to Put those Pumpkin Guts


Roto-Rooter recently warned homeowners about the dangers of pumpkin pulp, and said that it’s an annual issue for homeowners who find themselves calling plumbers to “remove gobs of it from clogged drains.”

“Plumbers know that frantic homeowners will soon be complaining about pulp-clogged garbage disposals and stopped-up kitchen sink drains leading up to Halloween,” says Larry Rothman, Roto-Rooter’s plumbing director.

“It’s stringy and sticky, and when it dries and hardens it’ll choke off drainpipes and garbage disposals, creating all sorts of havoc.”

The garbage disposal isn’t the only place homeowners dump their pumpkin insides. “The toilet is not a better option,” he says. “It just means the clog forms a little further down the pipe.”

The best bet is to compost, try to plant pumpkins for next year, or – just use the trash can.