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New Charter School to Open August 2014 at Eastmark

Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark will be the second charter school to open at Eastmark. Classes in the elementary school will begin in August 2014. The new tuition-free school will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) principles and is designed like a children’s museum where learning resources are interactive and demonstrations will be built in to the common areas. Programs will emphasize learning behaviors that include engagement in inquiry, logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation. Pathfinder also plans to offer full-day kindergarten, music and art classes, and after school programs. Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark will accommodate up to 400 students.

The four-acre campus will offer an outdoor interactive learning playground to help students make connections to learning and understand the relevance of curriculum on a day-to-day basis. A library and a computer lab will be available for students and each classroom is equipped with leading edge technology. A large multipurpose room will be used for performances, events, lunch and other community uses.

“From the moment a child walks through Sequoia Pathfinder Academy’s doors, the campus will nurture the natural curiousness and creativity that every child is born with. By designing a fun, creative learning environment, and students will be more motivated to learn in the classroom,” said Superintendent of Edkey Schools, Curt Cardine.

When DMB was envisioning Eastmark, education and lifelong learning were core values in the development of the community. The opening of BASIS Mesa earlier this year and the selection of Eastmark for the new Grand Canyon University heralded that commitment to education and providing unique learning opportunities for children and adults. Pathfinder will open another door to families who are interested in a charter school with a STEM focus.

To meet the needs of students around the region, charter schools offer an array of specialized programs to meet the interests and talents of students.


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