Google’s $600 Million Investment in Mesa Data Center Takes Shape


Google is forging ahead with its ambitious plan to establish a cutting-edge data center worth $600 million at Sossaman and Elliot in Mesa, Arizona. The technology giant is poised to employ state-of-the-art air-cooling techniques, marking its inaugural physical presence in the state. This milestone was celebrated with enthusiasm during an event in Mesa, where luminaries like Governor Katie Hobbs, Rep. Greg Stanton, Mesa Mayor John Giles, and other community leaders joined Google in making the announcement.

This strategic investment in technical infrastructure underscores Google’s unwavering commitment to fueling its AI innovations and bolstering its burgeoning Cloud business. The forthcoming Mesa data center is set to underpin the seamless operation of Google’s most popular digital services, including Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Google Cloud, and various others, catering to individuals and organizations across the globe. Moreover, an array of industries, including healthcare, the public sector, manufacturing, financial services, and retail, relies on data center computing power to deliver crucial services to local communities and customers.

In response to the escalating demand from its customer base, Google has also revealed plans to establish a new Google Cloud region in Phoenix, augmenting its existing network of regions worldwide. The forthcoming Phoenix cloud region aims to bring Google Cloud technologies closer to local customers, encompassing small, medium, and large businesses, public sector entities, and various organizations. This strategic move is geared toward enabling them to deliver digital services to their users with greater reliability and speed.

Governor Katie Hobbs remarked, “Google’s investment in Arizona will be pivotal for the Mesa community and our state’s economy. Arizona’s ability to attract global technology leaders is attributed to our highly skilled workforce, dynamic economy, and unwavering focus on innovation. We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Google in Arizona and anticipate the myriad opportunities this partnership will usher in.”

Rep. Greg Stanton enthusiastically added, “Thanks to years of dedicated effort and targeted investments in our STEM workforce, critical infrastructure, and water conservation, the East Valley has emerged as a premier destination for tech giants and startups alike. Google’s new data operations center heralds the arrival of hundreds of high-tech, high-wage jobs for the residents of Mesa, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them to our state.”

Mesa Mayor John Giles concurred, stating, “The City of Mesa is overjoyed to embrace Google within our community. Google’s decision to designate Mesa as the home for its inaugural facility in Arizona underscores its deep-seated confidence in our city and its residents.”

In 2022, Google’s services catalyzed over $11.4 billion in economic activity, benefiting tens of thousands of businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators, and developers in Arizona.

Joe Kava, Vice President of Data Centers at Google, expressed, “We are proud to establish a firm foothold in Arizona with both the Mesa data center and the upcoming Phoenix cloud region. Data centers not only ensure the uninterrupted operation of digital services for individuals and businesses but also serve as economic anchors in the communities where we operate. We deeply appreciate the ongoing partnership with local leadership across the state.”

Google’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its initiatives to match 100% of its annual electricity consumption with renewable energy since 2017. Currently, the company is embarking on a journey toward achieving net-zero emissions across its operations and value chain by 2030. This effort is substantiated by an ambitious clean energy target to power all its offices, data centers, and cloud regions with carbon-free energy 24/7.

A pivotal aspect of this eco-conscious mission is Google’s climate-responsible approach to data center cooling, emphasizing the minimization of its net climate impact and the responsible utilization of natural resources, both today and in the future. In alignment with this vision, the Mesa data center is set to employ air-cooled technology.

Beyond its operational aspects, Google is resolute in enhancing the health of local watersheds near its office campuses and data centers, vowing to replenish 120% of the water it consumes, on average. In line with this commitment in Arizona, Google has announced a $150,000 donation to support the Salt River Project’s (SRP) initiatives focused on watershed restoration and reducing wildfire risks for surrounding rural communities. SRP stands as the largest water provider to the Phoenix metropolitan area, serving approximately 2.5 million people.

Kate Franko, Public Affairs Manager at Google, stated, “We are dedicated to channeling our water stewardship efforts in water-scarce regions like Arizona. This collaboration with SRP builds upon our 2021 investment in the Colorado River Indian Tribes’ (CRIT) system conservation and canal lining project, aimed at enhancing water conservation in the Southwest.”


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