New entertainment park with Surf Lagoon breaks ground this March


Cannon Beach Developers’ 37-acre development project is set to break ground on Tuesday, March 30 at 11 a.m.  This has been two and a half years in planning and will include facilities such as a surf lagoon, a gym, shops, spa, splash pad for kids, and many more.  

A 3.3-acre surf lagoon featuring the world’s first Swell MFG’s Travelling Surf Technology and UNIT Surf Pool’s Stationary Rapid Surf Technology will be developed by Revel Surf. These advancements will create more natural peak waves going both directions rather than the common one-sided wave pools of today.  

The Professional Surfers Community has their eyes on this new technology that has the ability to cater every surfer skill level. Former pro surfer and X Games gold medalist Shane Beschen said that he is grateful to be a part of this incredible project and team. 

“Combining Swell MFG’s state-of-the-art traveling waves with the best stationary rapid surfing wave on the market by UNIT Surf Pool is going to make this surf park the most highly sought-after surf destination in the U.S.,” said Tony Finn of UNIT Surf Pool and wakeboard creator. 

He also added, “Together you have the perfect surfing experience for people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. There has never been a better opportunity for surf lessons and technical progression than there will be here.” 

Due to the increase of population relocating in the east Valley, this development project will provide California surfers as well as first time surfers a technologically advanced surf park suitable for both young and old and help them learn and develop their surfing skills.  

Revel Surf is expected to open in May 2022 with facilities to be built around it such as a hotel, dining, office and more. Cannon Beach continues to accommodate proposals from interested tenants for its several pad locations.