Angie’s Lobster Seeks to Provide Quality Affordable Seafood


The founders of Salad & Go, Tony and Roushan Christofellis, have launched a new venture since selling their drive thru salad chain during the pandemic. Their new Angie’s Lobster chain will introduce Arizonans to drive-thru lobster rolls with a location set to open this Spring at Signal Butte and Guadalupe, just south of the new Someburros and Salad & Go restaurants.

Tony’s mother Angie Christofellis was the inspiration behind the new concept, where the couple seeks to bring luxury food at a lower price point. Their menu includes the Lobster Roll Meal with either chilled or warm and buttered wild-caught Maine/Canadian Lobster in a toaster and buttern bun, served with fryis and a drink for just $9.99. Patrons can also select a Lobster Finger Meal with fried and breaded lobster with fries and a drink for $9.99.

The company is able to provide lower priced lobster by a unique buying strategy direct to distributors. “We buy visually imperfect lobster, but it tastes the same,” says their website. “We don’t mind if a claw is broken – do you?”

Like Aldi, they are low-frills. “We don’t give out paper receipts; no salt, no sugar, no pepper packets, and no condiments. Our lobster meals are craveable as is and best with Angie’s sauce.” The sauce is included.

They currently have locations in Tempe and Glendale, and will soon launch in Phoenix, Mesa, Surprise, and a second Glendale location. You can find out more at