New Plan in the Works for Ellsworth and Elliot


A 17-acre development project at the northeast corner of Ellsworth Road and Elliot Road in Mesa was announced by Diversified Partners. Ellsworth Road has the highest traffic volume in the City of Mesa, which has a population of 511,000. 

According to a release, the Elliot Tech Corridor will be including Apple, Edgecore, Dignity Health and the future Google site. The project will provide office and retail components. 

Dane Astle, principal architect and EDIFICE owner said, “We are creating a destination community, playing off the tech corridor theme, which means there will be lots of glass, angular lines, and rich materials such as masonry, roll-up doors, and exposed steel elements.” 

He also added, “We are creating a collaborative environment where people will come to work, take coffee breaks on benches under the trees and stay for the retail and restaurant experiences. By including fa fueling stations, we are adding to the full compass design vision.” 

Diversified Partners has several business deals in process that include retail, restaurants, gas stations, nail salon, medical and others.  

Founder and CEO of Diversified Partners, Walt Brown mentioned, “The explosive commercial growth along both Elliot and Ellswort, proximity to three freeways, the expanding Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, new sports complex and thousands of enw homes planned underweay are great indications that this project will be serving a much wider future audience.” 

Diversified Partners is a commercial real estate brokerage and development firm that provides tenants, property owners, investors, and developers with a wide range of services in all aspects of real estate.