How to Hike in Arizona


Arizona has some of the best hiking trails in the U.S. Thousands of people have hiked the famous Four Peaks, conquered Camelback, and climbed to the top of Bell Rock. The weather in Arizona is near perfect all year so Arizonians can always enjoy outdoor activities. Almost everyone that lives here knows that in the summer, hiking may not always be a good idea. If you plan on hiking at night or setting up camp check out night vision vs thermals. It is important to get something to help you see at night.

With above 100 degree weather and dry heat many suffer from dehydration. For Arizona’s tourists and outdoor lovers, the heat may not stop them from enjoying a hike. Although it is not recommended to go hiking in certain times of summer, there are several tips to keep in mind if you must go.

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing – comfortable clothes and SNEAKERS (no flip-flops, ladies)
  • Bring as Much Water as You Can Carry – dehydrations and heat stroke have killed and hospitalized many hikers each summer
  • Timing- if you must hike In the summer go when it is the coolest in the early morning
  • Know Your Limit- take a break or find shade when needed.
  • Sunscreen is a Must!
  • Research Your Trail- Many trails have other trails connecting or can lead into caves and even to spots where the most experienced hiker has trouble. You can even print out a map of the trail or use an app!
  • Don’t Hike in the Dark- Arizona is home to many dangerous animals such as snakes and scorpions.

The best time to go hiking is between October 1st and April 30th. These months tend to have the most moderate temperatures. If you do go out in the summer, just keep these tips in mind and be cautious. If you do find yourself lost or unable to go on, don’t hesitate to call 911 and they will send a helicopter for your rescue.