School Resource Officers will Remain at Desert Ridge JH and HS.


Gilbert School District schools, some located in the City of Mesa, received word recently that they would not receive state funding to pay for School Resource Officers (SROs) on Junior and Senior High School campuses.

School Resource Officers provide a vital task on a daily basis, providing not only a law enforcement presence on school sites and deterrent to crime and violence, but also building strong relationships with students, parents, and staff through community-oriented policing tactics.

Trevor Hansen, candidate for Mesa City Council, concerned father of six, and long time community volunteer heard about what was happening and quickly connected the people necessary to get the problem solved.

“Without Trevor’s involvement, we easily could have gotten stuck in bureaucratic red tape, and our kids and community would have suffered,” said Dan Coombs, Desert Ridge High School Principal.

Upon learning of the situation, Mesa City Manager Chris Brady and Mesa Chief of Police Frank Milstead worked to find the solutions necessary to solve the problem.

“I give full credit to Manager Brady and Chief Milstead, I am just a concerned parent who saw a problem that needed a quick solution, they had the tools necessary to find the solution.” said Trevor Hansen.