What is the new tower near Eastmark?


You may have asked yourself, “What is that odd-looking structure off Ellsworth & Ray Road”?

Meet Eastmark’s new cell tower! This contemporary structure has become quite the conversation piece lately.

The Eastmark Development Team decided early on in the planning process that all Eastmark cell towers would have some form of camouflage design. However, they felt that the “fake tree” designs that are popular were the opposite of camouflage, as they tend to attract attention rather than hide in plain sight.

As a result, the developers reached out to Larsen Camouflage, a company who specializes in cell tower design and construction, and together they went to work to fabricate, test and install their first community cell tower, which took 2 years to complete from concept to install.

It’s a simple design, consisting of colors that blend with the natural earth tones of the Sonoran Desert.

Local residents aren’t the only ones with interpretations of the design. The Eastmark project team themselves said it reminded them of a variety of things, including a car engine cam shaft, spinning plates on a stick, flying saucers, and our favorite, marshmallows on a stick.

The cell tower isn’t the only new thing in Eastmark. Steadfast Farms is officially open and hosted its Grand Opening Saturday, Nov. 10th.

Local farmer, Erich Schultz and his team are growing certified, organic fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Just north of the popular Handelbar Diner, they will raise pastured poultry on 2 acres for farm fresh eggs year-round. Produce can be purchased at their onsite farm stand and through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.