Proposed New Transportation Route in Pinal County based on North-South Corridor Study


On August 20, 2021 ADOT published the Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the North-South Corridor Study (Final Tier 1 EIS/ROD).

The ROD, the final decision-making document prepared by ADOT, represents the final decision on the Tier 1 EIS. Because this is a combined EIS/ROD, there is no formal comment period.

The Final Tier 1 EIS, conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), incorporates changes based on comments received on the Draft Tier 1 EIS, as well as updated analyses based on new information, and identifies a Selected Corridor Alternative for the proposed North-South Corridor.

The Tier 1 EIS evaluated alternatives to improve regional connectivity, provide an additional connection through a growing area of the Sun Corridor, and address current and future transportation needs in Pinal County.

The North-South Corridor spans more than 50 miles between U.S. 60 in Apache Junction and I-10 in Eloy, passing through the city of Coolidge, town of Florence and portions of unincorporated Pinal County along the way.

The study also incorporates the proposed extension of State Route 24 from Ironwood Drive to the North-South Corridor.

A continuous, access-controlled north-to-south transportation corridor would:

  • Improve access to future activity centers
  • Improve regional mobility
  • Improve north-to-south connectivity
  • Integrate the region’s transportation network
  • Address existing and future population and employment growth
  • Provide an alternative to avoid congestion on I-10