Mesa Police Warn of Tree Trimming Scam


Mesa police say sneaky crooks are posing as official city workers, working to rip you off!

“This is what they call a distraction tactic, and what they’re trying to do is get you to go out,” said Mesa Crime Prevention Officer Patty Gallagher. “They’ll knock on the door or come up and talk to someone in the front yard,” she said.

The suspects will say they’re from the City of Mesa and that they need you to come out into the back yard because tree trimmers are in the alley and they want them to be able to see you so they can proceed with work. Once they get you out back, their accomplice will sneak in your front door and steal your stuff.

If a stranger approaches your door ask for ID. All City of Mesa employees should they have a City of Mesa ID card and should also be driving a City of Mesa vehicle.

Gallagher had one last tip to share, “Don’t walk away from your home, keep the doors locked, even if you’re just in the back yard, keep those front doors and windows locked.”

If you see a crime like this one, call police right away.