Mesa Kicks Off Hydration Donation Campaign to Save Lives


Since 2007, the annual Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign has been saving lives during the extreme Arizona heat. City elected officials and community and business leaders are urging the public to join in this annual effort to collect 700,000 bottles of water to help Mesa’s most vulnerable residents.

“It’s a point of pride in Mesa that people are so generous each year during the Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign,” said Vice Mayor Francisco Heredia. “As temperatures heat up, I encourage everyone to donate bottles of water to help ensure no one goes without water during the hot summer months. This campaign is a lifesaver.”

“United Food Bank is the agency that knows first-hand just how critical the water donation campaign is. As a United Food Bank Board Member, I see how our most vulnerable residents benefit from the Mesa Hydration Donation campaign,” said Councilmember Julie Spilsbury.

United Food Bank distributes donated water to numerous nonprofit organizations in Mesa and throughout the valley including Paz De Cristo, Mesa United Way and A New Leaf-East Valley Men’s Center.

Since the campaign began in 2007, the Mesa community has donated more than six million bottles of water.

“The Arizona summer months are known for its extreme heat and we want to make sure each of our neighbors have plenty of water to stay hydrated,” said Jason Reed, the president and CEO of United Food Bank. “We are thrilled to once again be partnering with the City of Mesa for this annual water drive. We hope you join us this by making a monetary or water donation to help provide our community the water they need throughout the summer.”

The Mesa Hydration Donation campaign is a stark reminder of the dangers of summer heat in Arizona.

“We see people come in off the streets daily needing water, food, a place to get out of the heat and to get other types of assistance. The donations of water we get from the community are critical, and we are so grateful to United Food Bank and the residents of Mesa who make such a difference,” said Jackie Shelley, Paz de Cristo Executive Director.

The kickoff event was held at Dobson Ranch Golf Course, which will either waive the golf cart fee or offer an upgrade at the driving range for golfers who donate a case of water.

“Dobson Ranch is happy to be one of the partners for this year’s campaign. It’s an easy way for golfers to have fun, get a great deal and save lives this summer with a donation of water,” said Winson Sharps, Dobson Ranch Golf Course Director of Operations.

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce is encouraging businesses and community groups to organize campaigns to donate water for the campaign.

“The Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign is a great way for businesses, nonprofit groups and other associations to network and organize efforts to collect cases of water,” said Sally Harrison, Mesa Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “For the past few years, the Mesa Chamber of Commerce has organized friendly competitions to get water donations and help a great lifesaving cause and we are happy to lead the efforts again this summer.”

Residents can donate water at various drop-off locations throughout the City. The complete list of locations is available at Cash donations are also accepted by United Food Bank at

Another way to boost donations is the One Ton Water Challenge. Promoted by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, United Food Bank and the City of Mesa, it challenges businesses, residents and organizations to buy a pallet of water, which weighs more than one ton, for approximately $200. Individuals can split the cost so it’s about 100 dollars each. To donate a pallet, contact Mandy Hogan at The campaign has already received pallets of water donated by several businesses, including Walmart.

The Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign will be collecting water until Friday, Sept. 29.

The City of Mesa Water Resources is also continuing and expanding its use of Hydration Stations, which are water bottle refill stations available year-round in public areas easily accessible to anyone who needs a drink of water. A map with the locations is available at