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Mesa buys its first electric fire truck

The Mesa City Council approved the purchase of $1.4M for the city’s first electric fire truck to be used by its new fire station located near Ray Ellsworth roads which is opening in November. 

It will look the same as the other trucks but is expected to make less noise than the diesel-powered trucks and will allow firefighters to get much work done before it is needed to be charged. 

The funds will be taken out from Mesa’s capital general fund with a contract purchase with E-One for $1.4M as public records show.  

A brand-new basic fire truck or engine with no equipment on it generally costs in the $500,000 range according to many web sources.  

Mayor John Giles stated, “I’m an advocate for electric vehicles, it’s better technology and this is one of many steps we can take to bring us closer to our Climate Action Plan goals.” 

Mesa will be the second municipality in the U.S. to acquire an all-electric fire truck. 


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