GM Water Tower Dismantled: Residents Urge Eastmark to Include It in Development


DMB announced through their Eastmark Facebook page that they had begun the removal of the GM water tower that used to be a part of the GM Proving Grounds site, which is being redeveloped into the five-square-mile Eastmark development.

DMB noted that the City of Mesa and the State of Arizona had not identified anything of historical importance at the site, but that they had disassembled the tower versus demolishing it, in case any groups wanting to preserve it wanted to relocate it.

The post resulted in a large number of responses from area residences wishing that the tower could have been kept and used in conjunction with the parks in Eastmark. ¬†Many sought to see it emblazoned with the Eastmark logo and included in the Great Park. ¬† “Look at what the Town of Gilbert [did] with their iconic water tower in their heritage district,” wrote Glenda McNeal Stechnij. “Brilliant!”