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City of Mesa working with Gila River on SE Mesa Pipeline

Southeast Mesa is fast-growing and ensuring a supply of water is vital. Despite the high cost, Mayor John Giles says that the pipeline is an investment to create good-paying jobs and sales tax revenues.  

The project has an estimated cost of 90 million dollars for a 10½ mile pipeline passing through Gilbert and east Mesa, this will send enormous amount of water to help irrigate crops to the Gila River Indian Community and provide the City of Mesa with rights to supplies of drinkable water in coming years.  

The pipeline’s construction is expected to cause disturbance of traffic along Greenfield Road and Val Vista drive. Areas around business and other properties will be most affected.  

Mayor Giles also mentions that it’s a matter of deciding whether to pay $56 per acre foot for the supply of water for the pipeline or the $200 per acre foot water available in the open market.  

Water officials recommended the pipeline about a year ago to the council. The plan was to perform an extensive alignment study to locate the best route.  It was first estimated at $66, however, the officials said that it will be more accurate when a route is chosen.  

After the construction, the pipeline will be able to supply an enormous amount of effluent a year estimated at 4.4 billion gallons of water. This will allow Mesa to the double amount of effluent to supply the Gila Indian Community.  


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