Salt River Tubing is back for Summer 2021


The Salt River Tubing has re-opened after having a shortened season last year. 

Visitors had been very excited for the re-opening and the safety of everyone is still top priority and mask policies will continue to be instituted. 

According to Lynda Breault from Salt River Tubing, “We were trying to keep everyone as safe as possible, we want to have Arizona tubers show America we can do this right.” 

Some of the Salt River Tubing policies are daily temperature checks for employees, wearing of face mask and gloves for employees, social distancing measure between guests waiting for tube rental, limiting shuttle buses to 20 people, and disinfecting the shuttle buses every 24 hours. 

Also, wearing face masks are required for people while renting a tube, taking a hustle, and when returning the tubes. 

Some of the visitors are medical workers and they consider floating on water for the summer a huge break from all that stress from the Covid-19 situation.