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Augusta Ranch Community Garage Sale/ Annual Picnic

The Community Garage Sale is Saturday, April 14th from 7AM-2PM – The registration link to sign up for the garage sale is HERE.
Deadline to register is April 11th. It is not mandatory for you to register to be part of the garage sale. Please remember no signs taped to poles or city signs. Please use a cardboard box for location and anchor it with rocks.

Other information:

Annual Picnic is Saturday, April 21s from 5PM-9PM at the golf course. We will be having inflatables, games, DJ, face painting, popcorn and cotton candy. There will be food trucks and the VUE restaurant for dinner items. At the night of the event we will be handing out meal tickets to each resident that can be used as a $5 voucher towards their food. You will only be able to use your meal ticket at one location/truck and it cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. We are really excited to get feedback on having the Annual Picnic in April instead of October.

Found Dog: Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital has found a female light colored Chihuahua that came in this morning. She has a white stripe down her face and a green collar with bones. If she belongs to you please call 480-380-6710.


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