Mesa PD offers adult ID kits to help those with Alzheimer’s

The Mesa Police Department is offering free adult identification kits that can be used in the event a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia wanders away from home and gets lost. Confused and disoriented, it can be a scary time for the lost person and finding them quickly is paramount, especially in the summer when high temperatures can easily top 100 degrees.

The kit includes basic information such as height, weight and identifying markings such as scars or tattoos. Caregivers can fill out the information and then hand it to the police in the event the person goes missing. The kit also includes questions asked by 911 operators about missing adults. The Mesa Police Department encourages all those caring for someone with dementia to complete the kit and have it readily available for law enforcement in the event the person wanders away from home.

To download the Mesa Police Department’s adult identification kit, visit

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